Technical Program

Irradiation Damage

  • Fundamental science of the irradiation damage process
  • Methods for quantifying and/or measuring irradiation damage
  • Role of boundaries and interfaces

Irradiated Microstructures

  • Microstructure evolution in metals and alloys
  • Irradiated microstructures in ordered ceramics, graphite, etc.
  • Novel methods for characterizing irradiated microstructures

Mechanical Properties of Irradiated Materials

  • Experimental and computational studies of irradiation effects on mechanical properties
  • Novel methods for evaluating mechanical properties of irradiated materials
  • Structure-property relationships in irradiated materials

Radiation Effects Simulation & Evaluation Techniques

  • Advancements in computational methods for simulation of irradiation damage
  • Experiment-model coupling and benchmarking 

Integrated Phenomena in Reactor Materials

  • Co-evolution of microstructural features
  • Emulation of neutron irradiation damage with ions 

Advanced Alloys and Materials for Nuclear Systems

  • Novel methods for processing and manufacturing
  • Development of irradiation-tolerant materials
  • Irradiation effects in advanced manufactured materials

Advanced Fuels & Actinide Materials

  • Novel fuel designs, their microstructures and properties
  • Irradiation effects on advanced fuel concepts
  • Microstructures and mechanical properties of actinide materials

Nuclear Fuel Cycles

  • Irradiation-related concerns and effects on spent fuel storage materials
  • Structure-property relationships in waste forms